About Us

A short summary of the awards we have won.

  • 2011First Place Getting Married In N.I Reader Awards

  • 2013Second Place Getting Married In N.I Reader Awards

  • 2014First Place Getting Married In N.I Reader Awards

  • 2015First Place Getting Married In N.I Reader Awards

  • 2016First Place Getting Married In N.I Reader Awards

CFC Interiors has been hosting Wedding Lists since 2001. During this time we have won numerous awards. Voted for by customers, we have evolved our service to meet the ever changing needs for our hundreds of couples. From the introduction of our wedding service to the sourcing of new companies and product lines. As a family run Northern Ireland based business, it is our mission that every couple that trusts us with their wedding list receives the highest quality of care and assistance throughout the duration of their list and thereafter. We source products from far and wide to provide an excellent selection and our exclusive wedding list discount ensures that we are always competitively priced.

How do guests make an online purchase?

● Type in the name of the Bride in the search bar on 'Wedding Lists' page to view a list.

● When your guest has looked through your wedding list online and decided on their purchase, they click on that item and enter their desired quantity.

● Click on the 'Add To Basket' button.

● Click on the 'View Basket' button.

● Click on 'Checkout' to pay for their purchase. Wedding list discount has been applied to all prices that guests see.

● Guests can then fill out a with their personal details. After doing so they can customise their order with a personal message, request complimentary gift wrapping or to have the items delivered to the couple free of charge.

*excludes American Express.

What happens after you make a purchase?

When an item is purchased through the website it will be processed by our award winning wedding list team who will confirm your purchase by email.

FAQ's for those getting married

How do we arrange delivery of our gifts?

Just call your Wedding Advisor and they will liase with our delivery personnel and arrange for them to deliver your gifts to you free of charge. It is a good idea to give your Wedding Advisor approximately 10 days notice so that a suitable date can be easily found.

How do we know guests have opted for gifts to be delivered to us?

If a guest chooses the delivery option we immediately send you an email detailing which items have been purchased from your Wedding List and by whom.

Can guests hold items?

To be fair to all guests, we allow items to be held for 1 week before paying a small non-refundable deposit.

Will I be contacted if an item is discontinued or out of stock?

If an item is out of stock or discontinued you will be contacted with alternative options as soon as we are made aware of this by our supplier.

Can I return an item from my list if I change my mind?

Yes. You will have 28 days to exchange any gifts that aren’t special ordered non-stock items. BBQ’s or customized orders such as curtains and upholstery for example. This will all be carefully explained when setting your list.

Can guests get their purchase delivered out to them?

Yes, this is possible, however, they will be asked to pay the delivery costs. The price will be dependent on the purchase and will be the exact price quoted by Royal Mail or a third party courier service.

Is CFC secure for online payments?

Yes, we use a secure payment system powered by Global Payments. Payments are fully encrypted by Visa and Mastercard. Information Security is our top priority and for this reason, we do not store payment/card details.

What happens if all our gifts are purchased from our list?

This actually happens a lot. If or when it happens, your Wedding Advisor will give you a call and invite you into the wedding room to add to your list, or you may just decide to ask for gift cards to put towards that sofa or bed you are saving for!.

How do we know what gifts have been purchased from our list?

Simply click online into your Wedding List, just as any of your guests might and you’ll be able to see what is left for purchase. Of course you can pop into the shop and get a copy of your list at any stage too! You will only be emailed with purchase details when your guest has asked us to deliver the gift.

Can guests make payments towards more expensive gifts?

Of course. They can either choose to put credit on your account or alternatively they can buy a gift card which you can spend on whatever you wish.

Can I choose not to have my list displayed online?

Yes, we have no problem keeping your list offline, it’s your list.

What’s the purpose of “The Wedding Room”?

The Wedding Room is a service almost unique to CFC Interiors. It is an area set aside for the couple’s gifts before they are purchased. It helps ensure full gift item availability as the contents cannot be purchased by anyone other than guests. Guests are invited into this room and can easily see all the gifts displayed together. It therefore makes it easier for them to buy a gift. From years of experience, we find that both the happy couple and guests alike find it incredibly helpful.

Is there an expiry date on the gift cards I receive?

No, any gift cards that are purchased off your Wedding List never expire.

How do we tell our guests our Wedding List is in CFC?

CFC provides Wedding List service cards which you can insert inside your wedding invitations.

If guests make a purchase online how do they get it?

Your guest can call into the store to pick it up, wrapped or unwrapped. Alternatively they can choose the free delivery option during the payment process and we will deliver the gift complete with optional message card to you.

How can the list be accessed?

Online, in-store or by telephone. By using the online service, it is easiest for guests to click into your list and pick from the gifts as they include pictures and descriptions. In store there is always a team member available to assist guests personally or by telephone. Wedding lists can also be emailed to guests upon request.

How often can the list be updated?

As often as you require! It's your list.

Am I obligated to take everything on the list?

Absolutely not! Unless you have requested a special order item, your guests can choose what they want for you and if there is anything left, we can keep it for you until after your honeymoon upon your request. You may wish to use your giftcard to purchase the remaining items from it or not.

Is it necessary to make an appointment?

Althought it isn't necessary to make an appointment, we recommend that you call us in advance so that we can be prepared and have your dedicated Wedding List advisor available for your arrival. We offer a call back service where you can request a time that suits you to request an appointment over the phone.

When can I compile my list?

You can compile your Wedding List anytime before your wedding, however we would recommend that you do register your 3-4 months prior to your wedding so that anything that needs to be ordered will be in stock in time for your guests to make their purchase.